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Are you still confused on what type of filming equipment to use?

Our comprehensive guide is your go-to resource for top gear recommendations carefully curated to meet the needs of filmmakers at any skill level.

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Stav current with our regularly updated gear guide. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, find all the best filming, audio, and lighting options in one place.

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Our streamlined guide takes the guesswork out of equipment selection, presenting you with a handpicked selection of top-rated filming, audio, and lighting options.

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Q: Why is this FREE?

I am constantly asked what are the best equipment to use out there when it comes to filming video content. Iā€™m all for sharing the BEST recommendations I have found throughout my years of filming and want to help you WIN! šŸ˜Š

Q: What type of document is this?

The FREE download is a LIVE Google Sheet document, where I will continue to add more and more recommendations as my team and I discover them!

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Feel free to send me an e-mail: michael@praisedmedia.com or send me a DM on IG: @officialmichaelhudson