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Gallery of Our
Clients Success Stories


Real Estate Wholesaler/Influencer

Closed Numerous Six-Figure Assignment

Local Realtor Increasing Brand Awareness


Realtor/RE Investor


Real Estate Investor

Generating More Leads Than Ever

Roofing Company Generating Numerous Leads through Video Content


Local Roofing Company


Real Estate Investor

Made over $11 million in real estate owned, with zero investors...

Generated a six-figure Video Agency through Video Content


CEO of Praised Media


Realtor/RE Investor

Freed up 120+ hours a month to build his Real Estate Business

Our Simple
Process For Your Growth

Our Secret Process For Your Growth


We'll arrange a meeting to dive into your goals and ensure we're the perfect fit for your needs.


Our expert strategists put the odds in your favor to make your brand standout in a sea of noise.


We assists you in directing & shooting your video with professional equipments, ensuring great results.

Edit & launch

Next, we edit the video to match your brand's unique style, ensuring it's ready to make an impact.

Asked Questions.

Q: Who are we best fit for?

At Praised Media, we get it – you’re awesome at what you do, but it sometimes feels like nobody else notices.

If your videos aren’t getting the attention they deserve or you’re not sure what kind of content to create for social media, we’re here to help.

Whether you’re feeling camera-shy or your current videos just aren’t hitting the mark, we can help you create engaging, impactful content.

We’re a great fit for:

  • Content creators aiming for top-notch video quality.
  • Real-estate businesses looking to boost their online presence.
  • Corporate entities needing polished video production.
  • Anyone who wants their message to come across clearly and professionally.

Hiring your own team for video production might seem like a good idea, but there are several challenges you might face:

  • Equipment Costs: Professional video gear is pricey, and buying the right tools can really add up. It’s not just the initial cost – maintenance, upgrades, and accessories can quickly blow your budget.

  • Expertise and Understanding: Knowing what equipment works best for different situations can be tricky. It takes experience to pick the right cameras, lighting, and editing software to make your videos look fantastic.

  • Team Management: Managing a team can be tough, especially if you’re not familiar with the technical side of video production. Keeping everyone on track, coordinating schedules, and overseeing the creative process can be a big headache.

  • Proven Experience: Not everyone knows what’s best for your business. At Praised Media, we have the experience to understand your needs and deliver content that really connects with your audience. We’ve done it all before and know what it takes to make your videos stand out.

Our team of experts will work with you to create a custom social media strategy that fits your goals and target audience.

From crafting engaging content to managing your accounts and analyzing performance, we handle every aspect of your social media presence with care.

We make sure your videos shine their brightest with our expert touch, including hashtags and captivating descriptions. 

On average, we meet with our clients once a month for a 2-3 hour video shoot. We’ve found that this timeframe is more than sufficient to create the right number of videos to meet your needs.

Each client’s needs vary based on factors like schedule and budget. However, in our experience, to truly thrive and succeed online, we find that producing 20-25 short videos per month is the sweet spot.

Absolutely! Traveling is something we absolutely enjoy!

Each successful brand is unique in its own way, but they share a common thread – consistently delivering fantastic content to their community. While we can’t promise instant growth, we can certainly guarantee our unwavering support in creating outstanding content for your brand.